Telephone Call Recording - Privacy Notice

During a telephone conversation with us you will be informed if your conversation is going to be recorded.

We have a legitimate interest in recording our telephone conversation with you. We may refer to the recording to clarify the details of our conversation and for internal training purposes.

When you make a telephone payment we do not record the part of the conversation that includes your bank account number, sort code or payment card details.

How long do we keep your telephone call recording?

Routine telephone conversations will not be kept for longer than 31 days. However, on occasions there may be a need to keep recordings for longer, for example when further investigation is required into the matter that you are calling to discuss.

Who do we share your information with?

CompanyWhy do we pass information to them?What information do we pass to them?
Solicitors acting on our behalfSo that they can provide services to use that will help to resolve the matter that we are conversing aboutWe will pass the full recording including all personal data to them

Do we transfer your telephone call recording outside of the UK or EU countries?

Our telephone conversation recording is captured and processed on computer systems that are located within the UK or EU.

Is any "profiling" performed using your telephone call recording?

We do not perform any kind of automated processing for the purposes of analysis or prediction using our recorded conversation.

What are your rights?

For more information on your data protection rights refer to our Privacy Statement.


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Version Number1.0
Date Published24h May 2018