Gaming and Leisure machines are an integral part of the business for most pubs, providing entertainment to the consumer and an important income ​stream to the business.

Over the years we have partnered with some of the leading gaming suppliers in the UK to offer the latest innovation in Cat C digital gaming for our pub partners.


We provide a list of specialist Machine Operators who have been carefully selected to provide you with the best possible range of equipment, service and advice.

In the majority of our pubs you may opt to be free-of-tie and therefore pay an annual tie release fee in respect of all gaming machines.

If, however, you are tied for the supply of gaming machines, we provide a full installation, collection and management service for both digital and analogue equipment through a range of nominated suppliers who operate to agreed standards of performance encompassing investment, service quality, security and equipment performance.

Compliance with these standards is monitored and managed by our dedicated gaming team. Income performance reviews with operators are carried out at local and national level and relevant information and suggestions for improved performance are provided to publicans at business review meetings.

If you are tied for the supply of gaming machines, we will provide you with a comprehensive description of the arrangements for all gambling and gaming services for your pub, including:

  • Your obligations 
  • The number, type and location of machines within the pub
  • How income is apportioned between us
  • How operating costs are charged to our share of income
  • Advice on how to maximise your machine income
  • Terms of supply and supplier list 
  • Income monitoring and the disclosure of information
  • Advertising and promotion rights

Non-machine Gaming Activities such as Poker and Bingo are becoming increasingly popular in pubs and can attract new consumers.

To help publicans get the most out of Gaming opportunities we provide support via our Regional Managers and Gaming department. Packages for Bingo and Poker are available from Redtooth and your RM can provide more details.

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