​​​​Commencement of an agreement​​

We will hand you your pub in a condition which is fit to trade as a licensed premises.  We will provide you with all necessary statutory certificates as appropriate to the premises.


In some instances in order to bring a pub into an agreeable condition, it may be necessary for us to carry out, at our cost, works to the pub once you have commenced your new agreement. These are known as Agreed Initial Works Schedule or Lease Support Works and are likely to be repairs to items which are close to life expiry or which might present an early financial burden to your business.  

The scale of these works will be agreed with you in advance and a full schedule of the items will be attached to your agreement.  From the date you commence your new agreement the works agreed in your Lease Support Schedule will be binding on us and we will endeavour to deliver these in full within six months of that date.  

Within the first three months of your agreement, a representative from the Property department will have a meeting with you to outline the key elements of our ongoing property relationship.