​​​Our agreements​

It’s really important that you take time to choose the right agreement for you. We offer a range of agreements which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Some will require higher levels of experience or investment than others. Some of our agreements offer high levels of support, often more suited to less experienced publicans.

With a Beacon Retail Partnership Agreement, you will have the freedom to run your own pub business. We will provide extensive support to help you maximise the success of your new pub business. Your pub, with our support, a winning combination.

Key features include:​
  • An agreement which gives you the freedom to run your own pub business
  • Providing extensive support to help you maximise your business​
  • Being able to sell category leading brands at prices to suit your local community
  • Promotions and marketing support for key occasions
  • A try before you buy agreement of initially just one year in term 
  • EPOS tills to help you control your business
One of our most popular agreements that gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your new pub business, your way. 

Key features include:​
  • A 5-year tenancy 
  • Full ‘tied’ drinks supply agreement with opportunity to opt out of the tie for an agreed fee
  • Index linked rent reviews each year
  • We look after all structural repairs (and you keep the rest up to scratch)
  • We insure the building and spread the costs for you each month
  • Training support leading to industry recognised qualifications
This agreement gives you the opportunity to secure a ten year lease with potential to earn an incentive payment at the end of 10 years and assign the lease after two years.

Key features include:
  • A fixed 10 year lease agreement
  • The opportunity for substantial end of term bonus* which can be transferred upon assignment
  • Fully assignable after two years
  • Offering flexible tie arrangements and discounts
  • Weekly rent and trade payments to assist you with cash-flow in your business 
  • The option to fix your 5th year rent review at the preceding year’s rent level plus Consumer Price Index (CPIH)
​This agreement gives you the opportunity to benefit from a capital refurbishment, at the onset of your agreement, made by us, in consultation with yourself and being able to assign the lease after two years.

Key features include:
  • A fixed 10 year lease agreement
  • Fully assignable after two years
  • Substantial capital invested by us at the outset of the lease in consultation with you to improve your pub’s trading potential
  • Offering flexible tie arrangements and discounts
  • Weekly rent and trade payments to help you with cash-flow in your business


Our Company Name

As Stonegate Group we are the largest pub company in the UK. We currently operate and own over 4,500 sites across our portfolio including leased and tenanted, managed and commercial property models. Stonegate Group is the brand under which Stonegate Pub Company Limited, and all subsidiary companies or group undertakings, operate under.

Across our Pub Partners estate you may notice that some communications (such as legal documents, invoices, Direct Debits etc) are not issued under the name of Stonegate Group, but may reference one of the subsidiary companies listed below:

  • Ei Group Limited
  • Ei Publican Services Limited
  • Unique Pub Properties Limited

This is due to the fact that the individual agreement for a particular pub and publican will be held in the name of the subsidiary company referenced.  However, regardless of this all subsidiary companies operate under, and form part of, the Stonegate Group.

Stonegate Group, registered address of 3 Monkspath Hall Road, Solihull, B90 4SJ, employs all members of the support team, including Regional Managers, directly through Stonegate Pub Company Limited.  As such, all employees are authorised to act as agents for any relevant subsidiary company within the Stonegate Group as part of any day to day dealings.