​​​​​Repairing obligations on a lease or tenancy ​

Before taking a lease or tenancy with us it is essential you fully understand the repairing obligations you will have as the pub partner.

There are some important differences between our tenancy and lease agreements when it comes to repairing obligations. Your agreement will contain defined responsibilities for the repair and maintenance of the property you occupy. 

If you enter into a lease agreement you will be responsible to "Put and Keep" the property into a condition which is agreed between us, in which case (unless otherwise agreed) you will be expected to "Put" the whole of the property into good condition and "Keep" it in such condition throughout the life of your agreement. 

On any agreement type, should you fail to maintain the property to the detriment of the pub's trading potential or such that the property fails to comply with statutory requirements, we reserve the right to undertake any necessary works and recharge the costs to you. 

To help you manage your on-going repairing obligations, and to ensure your pub is maintained in a good condition throughout the term of our agreement, we operate a repairs and maintenance fund for all new publicans and a decorations fund for all new agreements.  

We will tailor and agree with you a fund appropriate for your pub prior to commencement of your agreement. You will make a monthly contribution into a dedicated account reserved exclusively for this purpose. The balance of the fund will attract interest at IR.  

These funds are our estimate of an essential overhead cost of your business. This cost is contained in our Pub Business Assessment when determining the appropriate level of rent for your pub. ​ 

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